Hi, I’m David and this is my blog. I’ve mostly worked as a geologist, but this is where I write about whatever takes my fancy, so it’s mostly going to have little or nothing to do with geology. What I am interested in is technology, particularly infosec/hacking. I’m also interested in GIS. I may or may not write about various other things; I’m sure you understand.

One note though: most of this is written in a fairly informal, conversational style. There may be errors: grammatical (definitely), spelling (probably), factual (hopefully not).


Yes, I’m interested in ethical hacking. I go by the username of ‘ordinaryday’ on Hack the Box, TryHackMe and HackerOne, and ‘ordinary_day’ on various infosec/hacking discord servers. Keeping notes is part of the practice, which is largely why this blog exists.


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