It’s been nearly 3 months since anything new has been uploaded to Vulnhub; I think it’s safe to safe that OffSec don’t consider it a priority. I did look into Proving Grounds, but the free tier is just Vulnhub boxes that they host for you - lol. The paid version sounds more interesting but I’m not subscribing to more than one service at a time.


Did I mention I subscribed to THM? Well, I did. I was surprised how little content is behind the paywall actually, so honestly I don’t think it’s worth it. Maybe if you appreciate their work and want to support them. I’ve cancelled my subscription. I had it for two months. That leads me to…


I am going to go VIP on HTB and start working my way through the retired machines. I did Delivery the other day (it’s active) and I’ve got user on ScriptKiddie (also active). Once I start on the retired stuff I’ll have more to say. I’ll probably still hit new THM boxes if they look interesting enough.