Calm Down Windows

I had just written my post about roses (go check it out, I’ll wait here) and when I ran:

sudo bundle exec jekyll serve

to make sure the post looked okay, I got some Jekyll errors I hadn’t seen before, about some older posts:

jekyll 3.8.7 | Error: undefined method `valid_encoding?' for nil:NilClass

WTF? I checked the affected posts - there were two of them - and the content was gone.

Windows Defender

At the same time, Windows starting flashing up warnings that it had detected and remediated some ‘Severe’ malware, in the form of Backdoor:PHP/Dirtelti.OB.

Is that what I think it is….? Yes. There is a snippet of PHP code in several of my posts that is used to execute commands on servers running PHP. And Windows sniffed through my blog and nuked the posts. Wew lad.

Allow on Host

Fortunately you do have the option to tell Defender - for each instance - that you want to allow the file to exist, and it did actually correctly restore them after that. I assume next time I try to write a blog post with the same or similar code snippet it might happen again. I might have to start writing these in a less nervous OS.