So I’ve been using Dodo as my ISP for the last ~4 years, and I’ve been happy with their service. For the last ~2 years I’ve been on the ‘Supercharged Unlimited Data Plan’, which was supposedly $79.90 per month, but which they were actually promoting for a long time at $69.90 per month, so that’s what I’ve been paying - seventy bucks.

How’s the service?

Actually it’s been fine. ‘Supercharged’ was supposedly a speed boost that didn’t really mean anything, but I was satisified. It was basically the mid-tier NBN - supposedly 50mbps but really 30-40 most of the time.

So what happened?

Well, they sent me an email saying that as of the 11th of August - when my current contract expires - my plan would become 50/20 Mbps for $89.90 per month, because “The cost of supplying nbn™ services to our customers has increased”.

Lol what?

Okay so let’s check their website - right now, they are advertising their NBN50 plan (same service I’d be getting) at $70 per month - $20 less than they want me to pay? WHAT?

Telstra Prices

So apart from some specialist providers, Telstra is pretty much the most expensive mainstream ISP in Australia - you expect everyone else you can think of - like Optus, Vodaphone, iiNet, TPG, Belong etc. to be cheaper than or equivalent to Telstra. What are they currently offering? Well, Telstra are offering their NBN50 Unlimited plan for $90 per month. For me $0.10 is a rounding error; that’s exactly equivalent to what Dodo told me.

So Dodo want Telstra levels of money for the same service? Hell no.

What did I do?

Kogan are currently offering month-to-month plans equivalent to my current plan for $71.90 minus $8.00 for the first six months - so thats $63.90 - call it $64 - for the next 6 months, and $72 after - and I can cancel anytime. So I’ve gone with that for now. So that’s less than I’m currently paying.

So long, Dodo

I don’t know what’s going on with Dodo but if they want to retain customers this isn’t how to do it. Bump the prices for a long-term customer nearly 30% to become on par with the most expensive NBN service in Australia, when there are much cheaper competitors out there? I may have been satisified with their service provision, but they aren’t that special. So long Dodo, and thanks for all the downloads.