2020, amirite?

So much has happened this year that it’s hard to know where to begin. People will remember 2020 for plenty of bad reasons for a long, long time. This isn’t a recap article; there are plenty of those already (and thousands more yet to be written).

You know what? It doesn’t matter.

I don’t have a time machine, and neither do you. Today is the 28th of December 2020. I can no more grasp yesterday than I can any other date in history that preceeded it.

So yes, in many ways 2020 was a difficult, challenging year. 2021 may be better, or it may not be. It’s not here yet, so it doesn’t matter.

“Two elements must therefore be rooted out once for all, – the fear of future suffering, and the recollection of past suffering; since the latter no longer concerns me, and the former concerns me not yet.” – Seneca

Did you achieve what you planned to this year? Did you reach your goals? Did you at least try to reach them?

In many ways it doesn’t matter if the answer is yes, no or maybe. The time passed anyway; you don’t get it back. Have you achieved everything you want in life? I surely have not; I probably never will.

Will you try tomorrow? Tomorrow isn’t here, and when it comes there will be a new tomorrow to defer to.

The only moment you have is right now. This is the only moment you will ever have. Use it wisely.