A tale of three text messages

The first message, from auroraplus:

Hi, we have a request for ADDRESS to complete a Meter Exchange. We expect to interrupt the power at your property for approx. 30mins, and on a date to be confirmed soon. We are obliged to exchange your meter within 15 business days or a date we agree with you. Conditions apply. For more info visit https://aenrg.io/3POmAKb

The second message, from Aurora:

Hi David John, you may have received a message from Aurora Energy about an upcoming advanced meter exchange at ADDRESS. Please disregard that message - we sent it in error. We apologise for any inconvenience. Kind regards, your Aurora Energy Team.

The last message (so far!), from TASMETERING. Their name is in ALL CAPS so you know they’re serious:

Hi Mr David John Gibbons great news! We will soon be replacing old basic meters in your area with new advanced meters! There is no up-front cost and our metering provider will install your new meter at ADDRESS within the next 60 business days, on a weekday, between 7.30am-5pm. Once we have scheduled a date and time we will let you know. If you do not want your meter upgraded, you can opt out. For more info on how to do this and about advanced meters, visit http://auroraenergy.com.au/advanced-meters/meter-upgrade-opt-out-first or call 1300 132 003.